In The Silence Comes Dreams

Sometimes, when it’s late at night and the house is quiet, I like to sit outside and listen the crickets chirping and the watch the lightning bugs float around in the darkness. The silence gives me a chance to think peacefully and not have my mind racing a mile a minute. Sitting in the silence is when all my best story ideas come to me. My life is far from perfect, hell it’s downright crazy and chaotic on a daily basis, but in the silence, the dark, that’s when I’m at peace. Life is hard, it’s so damn hard, and everything that happens does happen for a reason but it’s waiting out the hard to get to the good and finding that reason that’s the special part of life. As I sit outside on my front porch, watching the lightning bugs and listening to crickets, I just want all of you to know… I believe in you. Whatever you’re going through at this very moment, it’s going to get better. And when it does, I’m going to be your biggest cheerleader because everyone needs someone in their corner fighting for them. Never give up on your dreams, babes. Never. Dreams are the only thing that keep me going besides my family and my husband and my kids. Without my dreams of being a successful author, I wouldn’t have nothing to strive for. I would still be stuck in the same day in and day out routine that had me so burnt out and wanting to give up. Anyway, I just needed to write that tonight. I felt in my heart that someone needed to hear those words. I love you guys, thank you for being here and loving my stories and being the best friends and readers that I could ever have hoped for in this hard world of life.

Love, Lola C. ❤️

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